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Frequent questions

  • How long can it take for my order to be shipped?

Approx. 7-10 days. This time due to current circumstances may vary.

  • Can people with diabetes, hypertension … eat them?

Yes, they are suitable for all the public.

  • In what formats are they sent?

Currently shipments of 50 packages, but the next few days we will announce two more formats of 20 and 30 in our social media.

  • Can they be returned?

Given the characteristics of the product (food) we cannot accept returns, although it will not be a problem since you will surely repeat.

  • Is it suitable for vegans?

Indeed, it does not contain any product or derivative of animal origin.

  • What expiration date do they present?

Approx. 4 months.


Your international shipment may be subject to taxes, customs duties and duties imposed by the destination country that will be borne by the buyer.